People have asked me if there isn’t something they can do right now to be on the path toward spiritual growth. There are two things, widely known in different traditions, and part of the Fool’s Journey practices.

Young woman breathing

They are as follows:

  1. White Light. Surround yourself completely in a white light you visualize in your mind’s eye. This seems so simple and even trivial many people don’t think it’s worth much. But it’s very powerful, both as a protective measure, but also as a entrance to the spiritual levels of existence. It accomplishes the goal of leaving negativity and negative energies behind as you do all your subsequent practices. It should be your first action.
  2. There is a breathing practice I learned many years ago. It’s from Kundalini Yoga. I describe it at length in Chapter 5 of my book Invisible Agents of Creation: Implications of Cosmic Patterns, which you can find out about if you click on that link. but it’s important enough that I wanted to pull it out and reproduce the exercise here. If you click on the Display in new window icon, you can download the PDF file.

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