Ascension Fables – Waiting at the Bus Stop

How many of you felt subtle (or perhaps not so subtle!) energies within and around yourselves during the total solar eclipse last August? Perhaps something odd? How many of you still feel these energies or have been changed by them in certain ways? Only now, several weeks after the eclipse, am I sure that definite changes occurred.

Getting Free

There is a difference between being free from something and being free for something. Often we desire to achieve a goal, but are held back by circumstances or by something within ourselves. Since we aren’t primarily talking about monetary wealth on this site, let’s suppose the goal is to become, or at least to connect with, something larger or higher than ourselves.

The Three Things Everyone Wants

When we’re honest with ourselves, basically we want only three things in life: to be free from harm, to belong to something greater than ourselves, and to fulfill the purpose of our live here on Earth. Why, though, is this so hard?

Opinions feed us

Belief Is Conviction Without Proof

A while ago I wrote a post about Harmful Opinions. It was about going off half-cocked without knowing the whole story, and it concentrated on family and personal relationships. Misunderstanding results, bad choices are made, and people’s feelings are hurt.

This is true enough, but recently I’ve come to realize that taking the opinions of others as your own beliefs can have much more serious consequences.

Pandora: The Only Alternative To Hope

Is hoping that something good will happen in your life a substitute for acting to make something good happen? All too often it is, but the good news is, we can do something about it. Hope makes us momentarily feel better about the circumstances of our lives, but it doesn’t actually change them.

Waltzing the Few

I’ve recorded a brand new song that’s now available, called “Waltzing the Few.” Read about why it’s so special and take a listen.

Girl on a gun range with an Uzi

The Problem With Adult Children

Who let that little nine year old girl get near an automatic weapon, let alone actually fire it?
Has the world gone insane?

What Is the Vitruvian Man?

What’s this guy doing here? Well, Leonardo da Vinci was trying to show man’s place in the cosmos, and this was one place he did it. There are a lot of secrets in da Vinci’s work; here’s one of them. My book, The Universe Is Fake (and what to do about it) is concerned with these and related matters. Here’s an excerpt from the book.