Ascension Fables – Waiting at the Bus Stop

How many of you felt subtle (or perhaps not so subtle!) energies within and around yourselves during the total solar eclipse last August? Perhaps something odd? How many of you still feel these energies or have been changed by them in certain ways? Only now, several weeks after the eclipse, am I sure that definite changes occurred.

Pandora: The Only Alternative To Hope

Is hoping that something good will happen in your life a substitute for acting to make something good happen? All too often it is, but the good news is, we can do something about it. Hope makes us momentarily feel better about the circumstances of our lives, but it doesn’t actually change them.

Things That Think Themselves

“Things That Think Themselves” are archetypes, by a more descriptive name. This article looks at these floaters, samskaras, things that bump us day and night, inorganic beings – there art a lot of names for them, but we don’t really know much about them. So here’s some introductory material to get you started. Read more

The Real Story of Cinderella

Fairy tales, it is well known[1], conceal often quite sophisticated meanings for adults. We will look at one fairy tale, Cinderella, to see what light it might shine on our subject. Read more