The Perils of Leadership and Followership

How should we know whether or not to allow someone to lead us? How important is it, anyway, to have as our leaders people with the right qualifications to serve our needs? Perhaps we should accept any old person who wants to lead us, and who professes to be able to do so. In a nutshell, what are our responsibilities choosing a leader?

Girl on a gun range with an Uzi

The Problem With Adult Children

Who let that little nine year old girl get near an automatic weapon, let alone actually fire it?
Has the world gone insane?

Facing the Demons of Emptiness

In mountain climbing, a false summit is what appears to be the mountain top from below. but as you climb higher a new apparent summit comes into view farther above that was previously hidden from sight. Imagine the feeling, after many hours of hard climbing, that what you thought was your goal is merely an illusory, false one. The real goal is much farther along, and maybe that isn’t the real one either. Read more