Ascension Fables – Waiting at the Bus Stop

How many of you felt subtle (or perhaps not so subtle!) energies within and around yourselves during the total solar eclipse last August? Perhaps something odd? How many of you still feel these energies or have been changed by them in certain ways? Only now, several weeks after the eclipse, am I sure that definite changes occurred.

Opinions feed us

Belief Is Conviction Without Proof

A while ago I wrote a post about Harmful Opinions. It was about going off half-cocked without knowing the whole story, and it concentrated on family and personal relationships. Misunderstanding results, bad choices are made, and people’s feelings are hurt.

This is true enough, but recently I’ve come to realize that taking the opinions of others as your own beliefs can have much more serious consequences.

Waltzing the Few

I’ve recorded a brand new song that’s now available, called “Waltzing the Few.” Read about why it’s so special and take a listen.

Our Purpose for Being on the Planet

I took the Silva Method course many years ago. It’s cool to find that there are so many paths to the same destination. Here is Jose Silva talking about “Communication with Higher Intelligence,” this last term signifying our higher selves, guardians, God, etc. however you understand he, she or it – whoever put us here. Read more

Things That Think Themselves

“Things That Think Themselves” are archetypes, by a more descriptive name. This article looks at these floaters, samskaras, things that bump us day and night, inorganic beings – there art a lot of names for them, but we don’t really know much about them. So here’s some introductory material to get you started. Read more

On the Mesa, Part 3

I have written a book about the Fool’s journey. Many of those I knew in the phase of my life that culminated on the Mesa would have said I was the perfect person to write such a book. Back then, I was pretty much an ignorant and naïve fool (the small “f” type) in these matters, missing the context I needed to understand what had really happened. It was twelve years before I discovered that the kind of experiences we had that morning were once well-known, even nearly commonplace. Atop the Mesa, we each underwent an initiation. Some of us were prepared for it and others were not. Read more

On the Mesa, Part 2

The group quieted down, the video cameras were rolling, and Pamela asked us all to take one step forward to make the circles a little smaller. I was barefoot and had to step carefully to avoid the tiny cactus plants that seemed to be everywhere. A simple invocation or benediction was made, inviting Spirit to be with us all. A palpable energy entered the dawn meadow as the Sun peaked up through the tree line to the East. Whatever Beingness we had called had answered, and we all felt it. Read more

On the Mesa, Part 1

3:00 AM.

Startled, I couldn’t think for a few moments why my alarm clock was going off at 3:00 AM. I reached out from under the warm covers and felt around for the clock in the dark cabin, fumbling the alarm off. I was going to settle back into sleep when I remembered: today was our appointment on the Mesa. So instead, I rolled out of bed and my feet hit the cold wood floor. I called to my wife Pamela and felt around for the bedside lamp so I could find my socks. Eventually we were up and out the door. Read more