“Our program here is to establish that there is a universal or cosmic level of consciousness that we are no longer able to easily access.” (From page 89 of Invisible Agents of Creation)

That’s it in a sentence. Plus this practical question: What if we could re-establish this contact? But that just creates an avalanche of additional questions:

Has this state of isolation always existed, and how might we be different if it had never occurred?

There are many ancient legends and myths from around the world that describe a Golden Age, when all of us existed in just such a connected state. What happened to end it?

A great deal of recent physical evidence points to a global cataclysm that ended this Golden Age over 11,000 years ago that, among other things, severely limited the breadth of our consciousness. Is there any way we can restore our lost awareness?

This is a big subject. Our whole existence through all of recorded history has been governed by a crippled mind—a state that is usual, but not normal. What is normal for humans is a much broader, deeper, and more expanded mode of consciousness—one that is unified on a cosmic scale, as well as individualized at the same time.

This is the same level of consciousness that some religions say “God” has—but the idea here isn’t that some omnipotent (but strangely absent) deity lords it over a multitude of puny, sinning, subservient humans (pul-eeeze!). Rather our normal state is one of active co-creation—something we can hardly imagine today.

Like I said, this is a big subject.

But all too often it’s presented in a completely subjective fashion. People with faith in different versions of divine beings try to sell it to other people, usually with an attached guilt trip—or worse. But short of brainwashing or the imposition of “faith” by force, convincing people about things just at the edge of awareness is a very hard sell.

So I took a very different approach in Invisible Agents of Creation. By just using numbers that pertain to physical objects—the Earth, Sun, and Moon, for example—I showed that the world of our senses, the universe science measures, was artificially altered, tweaked, and adjusted—it could not have evolved naturally to the state we find it today.

Which means someone or something—which I’m calling just the “Agency”—altered it. Their motive was/is to establish two-way communication with them. Something like what existed in that long-ago Golden Age.

The book tackles this subject, but necessarily has to skip over a lot. Which is where this web site comes in. Here you’ll find commentary on many of the topics I mentioned in the book, plus new material there wasn’t space for or time for in the book, which includes new research.

Above all, here I hope to create a forum where these and related topics can be discussed. For the goal is not just to contact this Agency, but to become “agents” ourselves.

Stay tuned for much more in the days and weeks to come.

Thanks for dropping by.