The Forgotten Crime


The Forgotten Crime

In the past, many cultures used music for a lot more than entertainment. Music and sound were sacred tools to achieve certain powerful effects we know little or nothing about today.

It was not just the melodies, harmonies and instruments that were different, but the collection of notes themselves were different. If, for example, you took a guitar and adjusted the spacing between the frets up and down the neck, different notes would be produced. Such a collection of notes used in a song is called a tuning. We no longer remember that some tunings can have powerful effects on us. But as a friend of mine is fond of saying, certain things do certain things.

Here in the West, we only have one tuning. It’s called Equal Temperament and is notable for the fact that it has only very mild, if any, beneficial effects. So we therefore believe music is only what we have experienced it to be. On this site, you will discover that music can be much more powerful than we ever expected. It can profoundly affect the way we understand ourselves, and the way we interact and deal with the world around us. At one time in the past, this was widely known.

So why don’t we know this today? Wouldn’t at least some strain of musical development preserve this knowledge? Shouldn’t we have some music today that is just as powerful, especially with all the technology at our disposal?

It turns out that certain groups had – and still have – a vested interest in depriving us of the personal empowerment that music creates. It is shocking to find out that certain tunings, and certain intervals between note that create beautiful harmonies, were actually banned.

It is even more shocking – and disappointing – to find out who was behind this.

Today, however, some of these ancient tunings have been rediscovered. The album Memories of Home has been composed and performed in seven ancient tunings from Mesopotamia. As these tunings are performed, the ancient powers music our ancestors knew about are being experienced again today.

Explore our site, listen to the Mesopotamian tunings and download excerpts from the CD, and begin to re-experience for yourself the powers that music still has.