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Years ago Fred set out to discover what genuine spiritual truths might still exist in this modern day­—a task that lasted twelve years. From this work he developed the Fool’s Journey, a synthesis of perennial spiritual teachings

His first book, Invisible Agents of Creation: Implications of Cosmic Patterns, was released in 2013. His second book, published in two volumes, is The Fool’s Secret Journey, available now. The third and final volume will be available later in 2015.  He has also composed and recorded a CD, Memories of Home, done in musical tunings that are over 5000 years old.

Recent Posts

Bob Dylan's Murder Most Foul - A Wake Up Call

I think Bob's the only person able to chart the descent of our nation so ably, so sadly, so exactly. I remember the event, the assassination of JFK, but I wonder if younger people realize what was lost, and what we have yet to find again. It’s been a long stretch since that day—fifty-seven years. Sure, technology has been on a steady, maybe sky-rocketing ascent, but that’s all surface, no thicker than an Apple’s skin. Something else, something vastly more important has been on a steady, maybe plunging, line of descent, and Bob has put his poetic finger on it.
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Title Change

I’ve decided to change the title of my book from Invisible Agents of Creation to The Universe Is Fake, and What to Do About It.

Ascension Fables - Waiting at the Bus Stop

How many of you felt subtle (or perhaps not so subtle!) energies within and around yourselves during the total solar eclipse last August? Perhaps something odd? How many of you still feel these energies or have been changed by them in certain ways? Only now, several weeks after the eclipse, am I sure that definite changes occurred.

Getting Free

There is a difference between being free from something and being free for something. Often we desire to achieve a goal, but are held back by circumstances or by something within ourselves. Since we aren’t primarily talking about monetary wealth on this site, let’s suppose the goal is to become, or at least to connect with, something larger or higher than ourselves.

About my work

It’s just to present information that you may not easily find elsewhere. I won’t argue or debate with skeptics; nothing productive is to be gained by that.

If this information is useful to you my purpose has been accomplished. If it isn’t useful to you, just hit delete and move along. No worries.

Of course, I’m always open to questions.

My Books


Sylvie and the Star-Tickler

A children’s tale with illustrations by Pamela Cameron  It’s available on Amazon now. Take a sneak preview on Sylvie’s own site, SylvieRabbit.com.


The Fool’s Secret Journey, Volume 1
The Fool Wakes Up

The first of three volumes in the Fool’s Journey series. It’s available on Amazon now. Take a sneak preview.


Invisible Agents of Creation
Implications of Cosmic Patterns

There is a universal or cosmic level of consciousness that we are no longer able to easily access. Has this state of isolation always existed, and how might we be different if it had never occurred? Most importantly, is there any way we can restore our lost awareness? Available now on Amazon.

The Amazing Effects of Music


The oldest musical tunings known in the world come from the extraordinary  Sumerian civilization that flowered by 3500 BC. Unlike any modern Western music, these tunings have unexpected beauty and powers. The album Memories of Home may be the first time these tunings have been heard for centuries.

Book Excerpt

There are some meditation and breathing practices in chapter 5 of Invisible Agents of Creation, and in the practices for the Fool’s journey material. I wanted to pull out one breathing exercise here for anyone to try. It’s goal—one of them, anyway—is to relax and center you, perhaps at the start or end of your day.

Want to try out a couple of practices?