About Fred Cameron

F-02-sm-180Fred is a researcher, author and lecturer. After earning a joint degree in astronomy and physics, he was hired as a programmer at IBM, and later ran a small software company for many years. Struck by a lack of meaning in all this, he experienced a mid-life crisis and in 1989 had a spiritual awakening which led him to explore different realities beyond the one science describes. He became a player in the New Age movement, but found it also lacked essential meaning, and did not really answer any of life’s big questions.

So he set out to discover what genuine spiritual truths might still exist in this modern day­—a task that lasted twelve years and spanned the Western Hermetic tradition, Sufism, and several Eastern traditions. From this work he developed the Fool’s Journey, a synthesis of perennial spiritual teachings, which will appear in a forthcoming book. His first book, Invisible Agents of Creation: Implications of Cosmic Patterns, soon to be re-titled, is one approach to this material for those not especially religious or even spiritual. Regarding this he writes:

It does not pay to be emotionally invested in any kind of religious or spiritual system if there is the least chance it may be inaccurate, misleading, or even incomplete. Of course, once you become so invested, it’s nearly impossible to discover if your system of choice is any of these things, at least without first rejecting it, then coming into emotional neutral with it, if at all possible, and then seeking something else.

While researching and writing The Fool’s Secret Journey, I drew on a handful of traditions and rejected a double handful of others. I was not emotionally invested in any of them, and remain so, because I found even the best of them were incomplete.

In all fairness, though, a full set of answers don’t exist anywhere. The only way to complete any spiritual or religious system is to complete it yourself by personal experience. This being so, we must each ask if the tradition we choose gives us the proper tools to do this.

Fred has written seven books: four non-fiction books, a children’s book, and a cookbook, the last two with his wife Pamela. The seventh book is A Midsummer Night’s Bet, a novel which is forthcoming. He is working on book 8: High Alliances.

He has also recorded a CD of original music, Memories of Home, available here, using ancient tunings from Sumer that date back five thousand years. This music dramatically enhances and facilitates any spiritual journey.

Another of Fred’s projects is a new site which will be a more general introduction to The New Spirituality: ancient and traditional materials set in a new, original form with many new insights never before published. As well, it contains practices to get you started on your own spiritual journey.

Fred gives workshops and teaches classes on these and related subjects. He lives near Seattle, Washington.

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