Memories of Home


The Suppressed Powers of Music Rediscovered

The oldest musical tunings known in the world come from the extraordinary and mysterious Sumerian civilization that had flowered by 3500 BC. Unlike any modern Western music, these tunings have unexpected beauty and powers – a kind of music that we have completely forgotten.

Actually suppressed for centuries, the album Memories of Home may be the first time these tunings have been heard for centuries. Why were they suppressed, even forbidden? Who was so threatened by them that today we barely even know they exist? What beneficial secrets might they hold?

The Forgotten Crime

The extraordinary effects music can have on us were purposefully suppressed by those who wished to control us – hundreds of years ago. But these seven magical tunings have recently been rediscovered, opening the way for us to empower ourselves and to enhance our physical, emotional and spiritual balance. [more]

Memories of Home

Hear excerpts from Fred Cameron’s CD that has been called “unusual and beautiful” and “stunning.” Explore the seven tunings and sample and buy the CD or cassette tape. Discover the mathematics behind these tunings that makes their existence even more remarkable. [more]

The Sumerians

The origins of the musical tunings reach back to the beginnings of recorded history. Who were the Sumerians? Where did they come from? Their civilization seemingly sprang out of nowhere at the dawn of recorded history. What happened to them? And why is their legacy just now becoming more important than it ever has been? [more]

So What?

Why is all this important? What difference do little-known tuning systems make? Sure there’s deep mathematical theory and (endless) debate over the value of hundreds of modern tunings, but who cares, besides music tuning geeks? We should care because of the subtle psychological and physiological effects these tunings have on us. This is what the ancients knew and we have forgotten – yet it’s the most important aspect of music. [more]

Some Music Mysteries

How can there be digital music? How can it possibly work and still seem like music? What does this say about the nature of reality and our participation in it? Does digital sampling imply there are other modes of reality besides our consensus reality? [more]


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