Memories of Home CD


In the beginning there was sound. Memories of Home brings music in special tunings from ancient Mesopotamia. It is music which will open your heart and heal your soul as you take a journey to a distant place in your memory which you know as home. Now, wisdom of the ancients comes to our modern times, as knowledge of the powerful effects of sound on the human body is being rediscovered.

The music on Memories of Home is based on tunings that are different than those used in most Western music. The first thing one notices is that it feels different. It feels calmer, more peaceful, and more whole – almost as though a memory of something is being evoked. Indeed, this music can restore and enhance physical, emotional and spiritual balance. It can also shift our consciousness to wonderful new levels of awareness which, again, seem somehow familiar.

From here, you can listen to audio clips of each track, or download the full track of “Starburst” without charge. You can also visit our Order page to receive your own copy of Memories of Home. There is an Ancient Music page which discusses the Mesopotamian tunings themselves, Equal Temperament and other tunings, and puts them all in a historical context. Finally, the remarkable mathematics behind what I have called Mesopotamian Temperament are presented. This is the master Sumerian tuning, made all the more remarkable because it has been around for over 5000 years, overturning our current “official” theories of early human development, according to which, these tunings shouldn’t have been possible for another 2500 years.