A Midsummer Night’s Bet

A novel

A Midsummer Night’s Bet is my forthcoming novel. In movie terms (which we writers can’t get away from) it’s Shakespeare  meets Braveheart, with Californians and real fairies: a love story. The genre is magical realism or historical fantasy. The stakes affect the entire human race.

Here’s the story in a nutshell:

Sophia Cundry, who may be the Fairy Queen, is desperately trying to save humankind from the machinations of her interfering husband, Oborn. His henchmen have kidnapped an eleven-year-old girl whose family Sophia has been guiding for centuries. Unfortunately, she cannot directly save the girl without breaking the terms of an epic 2500-year-long bet she made with him. How can she save the world—and her very existence in it—without violating the terms of the bet?

Two modern-day Californians get caught up in her machinations, which thrust them back to twelfth century Scotland, where they must play leading roles in a struggle between a group of sacred priestesses, the Kindred of Brigit, and the encroaching Catholic Church and its powerful bishop.

For more, check out the links below for excerpts, a bit of the backstory, and the real context in which the story’s bet takes place.

Excerpts from the novel


The story alternates between twelfth-century Scotland—known then as Alba or Moray—and modern day California, somewhere on the central coast. The Prolog sets the scene

Download the Prolog PDF file

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Chapter One

Diana at Kings & Queens

The first chapter takes place  on the central coast of modern day California.

Download the Chapter One PDF file

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Chapter Three

Charlmar Proposes

Charlmar is the bishop of Moray. He is an unconsecreated bishop, due to political problems the Scots King Alexander is having  to the South.

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The Novel’s Backstory

Brigit in Fourth Century Ireland

[Coming soon]

Early Clans in Scotland

[Coming soon]