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Okay, here’s why I’m really doing this

That’s the kind of hype Internet marketing types expect sites to include to attract new people. But what’s really important to me is to have a conversation about personal spirituality, without all the baggage older systems have. If you’ve had a look at the Fool’s Journey materials or one of my FJ books you’ll know what I’m talking about. Or even if you’ve just heard the Memories of Home CD, maybe you’ll just feel the meaning in life I’m trying to connect with.

If we look at the world, things have gotten crazy, as I’m sure you all already know. But to do something about it requires doing something about ourselves first. This means helping each other – in some kind of long-distance community, if nothing else. So many of us long for the same kind of lost meanings we know life should have. So here’s one place we can help each other find it.

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